Episode 6 Please don't try to trick your dog!

Episode 6 Please don't try to trick your dog!

I really don't like the term "hacks" or worse "tips and tricks" to describe things we do to encourage our dogs to make the choices we want them to make. Here is something I do to encourage Pono to get in the car quickly when I ask. 

Why do I want him to do this? Several reasons, the most common one is that time is limited and I need to get to what ever else I need to that day. But also there are times when you need to get your dog in the car quickly for safety reasons. On our walks we have come across more than a few people I don't want to interact with. (buy from our website and maybe we can move to a better neighborhood, lol.) Or people with dogs I don't want to deal with. The car is a safe place. Or at least it can take you to a safe place. But your dog needs to load up quick!

 I also thought it may be helpful to folks who have dogs that just don't want to go home yet. Now I must preface this by saying that my car is completely 'doggyized' and covered in canine confetti so if he slobbers a bit I really don't care.

I figure most dogs are gonna be thirsty after a walk, hike or play session.

Before we leave the car I put some cold water in his bowl I leave it in the car. (I also carry a collapsible bowl with me if we are going to be out for long.) The car I have now has a perfect spot where the bowl fit right into the console nearest the back seat. But if it didn't I would leave it where my dog can quickly access it.

It didn't take him long to figure out that to get that cool water he must hop it up into the car.

 And wola! I have a dog who hops right in the car when ever or where ever I ask.

See this in action on our brand new Youtube channel:

For the Love of Dog!

Pono the Siberian Sea Dog riding in car




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