Help! The world is EXPLODING!

Help! The world is EXPLODING!

Any shelter worker will tell you fourth of July and New Years Eve are the busiest days of the year for lost pets. The phone rings non stop with people desperately asking if their pet has been turned in. A constant stream of people bringing in terrified pets they found,some with injuries.I speak from personal experience, and trust me, it is horrific.

I know as pet parents we will do everything we can to keep our pets safe and free of fear.

Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with an id tag

Make sure the the information on the microchip is up to date

Keep your pet indoors, in a quiet room with the windows closed and AC on. (the smell, as well as the noise is overwhelming for them)

Stay with your dog, cuddle up, share some snacks, watch a movie together, be your dogs safe person.

Thunder shirts are great, but if you don't have one you can use an old tee shirt, (preferably with your scent on it) Put the dogs front legs through the arm holes, make a knot on the dogs back with the extra loose material so it doesn't hang down.

Stay calm and cuddle on!

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