Episode 8, Help! Big scary BOOM BOOMS!

Episode 8, Help! Big scary BOOM BOOMS!

Hey Humans! Pono here! Mom says its going to be a brand New Year soon and humans like to go a little nuts and 'celebrate'...I am not sure what that means but there seems a lot of strange, scary noises involved. I, myself, being the very brave boy that I am, don't really notice but mom says some dogs get scared, very very scared. They even try to run away thinking they can outrun the big booms. and they can get hurt or worse! Mom has some ideas of how to help your dog get through a night full of big scary booms, She says:

Take your dog on a nice long sniffari walk earlier in the day to release energy and stress. (sniffing helps dogs release stress).

Give your dog a nice big meal before the booms start, who isn't sleepy after a nice big meal?

Be sure your dog has time to go out to do their business before the booms start.

Create a safe space. Give your dog a quiet, cool room to stay in, Close the curtains, turn on the TV, turn on the AC.

Relax  and cuddle up in the room with your dog, watch a movie. Watch the ball drop on TV.

If your dog is on the floor put a box fan on the floor near your dog, It interrupts the sound waves. (Thank you Kim Brophey).

A thundershirt is a wonderful drug free way to calm your dog but if you don't have one and your dog is medium to large you can do something similar with an old tee shirt, of course you can use a new tee shirt but if you use one you have worn your scent may help to calm your dog. Put the dog two front legs in the arm holes and of course the head through the head hole. Gather up the shirt on the dogs back (not too tight) and make a knot so the shirt is not hanging under the belly. I did this with Moku years ago and he would sleep through most the fireworks

Some people recommend CBD oil. It can be helpful for some dogs but you need to be very careful that it is safe for dogs, and that it works on YOUR dog. It makes Pono into a hot mess.

Personally, I try to avoid drugs (for my dog and for myself ;)) if possible because some of the drugs that vets give simply paralyze the dog. So your dog is still terrified but is ultra traumatized because they are unable to move. I cannot imagine how awful that must feel. And of course that makes your dog terrified to the tenth power. And after reading the side effect of some of these drugs I will avoid them if at all possible.

There is some different opinions floating around about if you should comfort your dog when they are frightened or not, some say if you do you are re-enforcing the fear. Others say you should comfort them as you would a frightened child. I feel that since fear is an emotional response and you are not going to 're-enforce' it by comforting your dog. But if you are acting or reacting with alarm your dog will react to you...'Mom is scared, it must be BAD!'

But if you calmly cuddle up on the couch or bed its like "Well this is nice, me and mom together!"

And of course make sure your dog is microchiped with current information and is wearing a collar with current id info as well.

I can't imagine a better way to ring in the New Year than cuddled up with my Poni Pons! Er.. I my my brave boy Pono, The Siberian Sea Dog!

Wishing each one of you a very relaxing celebration and Happy and healthy New Year!


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